For ages, Scientist have stated that, at one time, there may have been water on Mars. Imagine their excitement when the Mars Curiosity Rover found water in the very first scoop of Martian soil!

As it turns out, there's quite a bit of water on Mars. Nothing like the lakes and rivers on earth, but Martian soil has quite a bit of H2O in it.

The extraterrestrial explorer analyzed the dusty sample and found that about one part in every 50 of Mars' soil is made up of water. What this means, in the short term, is that astronauts could possibly simply have to heat the Martian topsoil in order to produce drinkable water.

Curiosity also discovered the presence of chlorine and oxygen, previously only found at higher altitudes, as well as carbon dioxide, oxygen, sulphur compounds and carbonate materials, which form in the presence of water.

Believe me, if there is water on Mars, right this minute, someone is working on this:


So far, despite the presence of water, no signs of life now or in the past have been uncovered. Maybe all the Martians have left the planet and are living in Roswell now.