Talk about a big ticket item! Speeding through a school zone is not just dangerous, it can land you a huge fine!

With school starting up again, Lake Charles Police Department will be watching those schools zones very closely.

The Lake Charles Police Department wants to remind drivers that schools will open soon and that motorists should be aware of school zones surrounding schools.

Officers will be handing out fliers to motorist August 11th to inform drivers about school speed zones and other details.

Officers will be at the following locations handing out the reminder fliers: T.S. Cooley, Dolby, Henry Heights, Fairview, Combre/Fondel, EDS, Oak Park Middle, and Barbe Elementary.

Once all the fliers are handed out, LCPD will very likely begin issuing the real thing to folks who are in too big a hurry to slow down through the school zones.

From the State of Louisiana:

If a person operating a motor vehicle in Louisiana exceeds the speed limit in an active school zone, the fine for such a violation is increased by fifty percent over the standard fine imposed. The proceeds from the fine increase are forwarded to the public school system in which the incident occurred. Louisiana law provides that the penalty for a first violation shall be a fine of not more than $175 or imprisonment for 30 days or less, or both. A fine of not more than $500 or imprisonment for 90 days or less or both shall punish a second or more violation.