I've often wondered how kids today would react to a band like The Beatles.I hate to sound like the curmudgeon that I am, but in my opinion, kids today are really getting the shaft when it comes to their music.

Ever since the record labels and producers took over the industry, we've had a constant stream of no-talents and marginally talented people having monster careers. For the most part, all the creativity comes from the wizards behind the control board as opposed to the day when the artists themselves drove the machine.

Sure, there were always the bands and performers who were nothing more than a product, but in today's recording artists seem to be the norm instead of the exception.

It's cool to watch these kids react to the Beatles. What amazes me is that, for the most part, these kids already knew about the Beatles and were already fans. Of course, they love their own generations music and that's only logical, but it will restore your faith to see just what big fans some of these kids really are.