As far back as I can remember, Batman was always my favorite super hero. I'm not sure why; he doesn't have any super powers and, in the real world, you could take him out with one well-aimed shot, but still he's one cool guy in my book.

This Friday, what promises to be nothing short of a blockbuster will hit the screen and we could be in for yet another record breaking movie. While all of the Batman movies have done pretty good at the box-office, I have a feeling that Batman vs. Superman might break some records if the pre-release hype is any indication.

The Caped Crusader has undergone many changes over the years ranging from the original comic book character all the way to the present time where he is portrayed as a dark, brooding figure.

There was even a TV series in the 60s that portrayed him as a very camp, very corny kind of non-hero.

Here then, is the evolution of Batman over the years.