Your home is your castle. When you are safe inside your house, you tend to feel safe, right? But, what if you found that someone had been living in your attic for 12 years?

How creepy would that be? Just think, all the times you thought you were alone in the house, and now you find that you haven't been alone in your house for over a decade! Well, it really happened to a woman in South Carolina.

A South Carolina woman said she was shocked to discover her ex-boyfriend from 12 years ago has been living in her attic. The Rock Hill mother of five, who identified herself as Tracy, said her one-year relationship with the 44-year-old man, whose name was not released, ended 12 years ago due to his drug use and conviction for robbing a flower shop. Tracy, whose children range in age from 3 to 20, said she does not know how long the man was staying in her attic before being discovered by her nephew Sunday, but she started noticing strange noises and insulation falling from her ceiling Saturday evening. The mother said her nephew found the man sleeping in a heating unit in her attic Sunday. She said the man was near a vent he could have used to look into her bedroom. Tracy said the man left without explaining himself before police arrived Sunday.