Just suggest that your kids could walk to school and you may get the eye roll of the century. Walking to school is just what the folks at S.J. Welsh are recommending.

When I was a kid, we almost always walked to school. Even in the snow (It snowed ONCE when i was a kid. It was on a Friday and there was no school the next day.) But, walk to school we did and it was five miles, uphill, each way.

Okay, so those are pretty much the words every kid hears from their parents, true or not.

The folks at S.J. Welsh really are trying to get kids to walk to school, and here's the plan:

The plan is to get kids to walk to school on Thursday and spread awareness to motorist as well as promote safe walking for all pedestrians. The idea is to also encourage healthy activity for kids who, thanks to computers and 500 channels on TV, get very little exercise.

This event is also partnered with efforts on the part of The City of Lake Charles to get funding from the Department of Transporation’s Safe Routes Program.

That funding could help build new sidewalks and pedestrian crossings on McNeese Street as well as walking and biking workshops.

If you’d like to volunteer to help with “Walk to School” day, just contact Tiffany Davis at  tiffany.davis@cityoflc.us.