GS[/caption]A few years back when downtown Lake Charles was getting refurbished, workers uncovered an old painted Walgreen's sign on the side of Keith's Pawn shop. It was decided that such a great relic from the past should be preserved and the sign was repainted.

Well, this Southwest Louisiana weather has taken it's toll on the sign and it's pretty much back to the condition it was in when they first uncovered it several years ago.

The folks at Downtown Properties who have done so much to try and preserve as much of downtown as possible has has hired a company by the name of Blu Jay Arts to, once again, restore the faded mural.

We won't have to wait long to see the finished results, according to a report from KPLC, workers at the site say the mural should be restored by the end of this weekend. Great job on the part of Downtown Properties and Blu Jay Arts for this restoration.

You have to love that part of that original mural touts the fact that Walgreen's was "Air Conditioned."