Rebuild Calcasieu!

Preserve affordable home ownership in our community.

Allow our elderly neighbors to age in place, in the safety and comfort of their own home.

Our Efforts:

Individual families are referred to us through neighborhood associations, churches, synagogues,
community organizations and service groups or by self-referral.

We complete home repairs for the low-income, elderly and disabled at no cost to the homeowner.

Non-profit facilities are also eligible for our services.

When we work:

We work throughout the year to rehabilitate homes in Calcasieu Parish.  We also take part in National
Rebuilding Day, typically held the last Saturday in April. On this day, homeowners and volunteers
work nationally with Rebuilding Together affiliates to preserve and revitalize the communities in which
they live.

Who volunteers:

Anyone can be a Rebuilding Together volunteer!  Volunteers come from corporations, places of
worship, civic clubs, social clubs, schools, and universities.
Skilled volunteers (such as carpenters, plumbers, electricians, and roofers) come from partnerships
with trades associations, home supply retailers, and local trades persons.

Our 2010 Local Impact

• 45 houses and non-profit facilities rehabilitated
• 71 people served
• 426 volunteers donating their time and skills
• Delivering $284,069.47 market value

To Volunteer:  337.478.1755