I don't know if you're familiar with a part of Bill O'Rileys show called "Watter's World", but Watter's specialty is rooting out people and getting them to say really dumb things. I remember when he went to a well-known college and actually got students to sign a petition to abolish the First Amendment. Well, move over Watters, Jimmy Kimmel actually found people dumb enough to congratulate North Korea for (claiming) exploding a hydrogen bomb!

Now, I know not everybody is a news hound and the gravity of the situation may be lost on some people, but I would expect most people to know that the leader of North Korea is a loose cannon, a nut, a flake and a megalomaniac. The idea that such a nut even knows about hydrogen bombs is scary,

By the way, most experts agree that 'Lil Kim' is also a habitual liar and they aren't giving his claim much credence. According to those experts, the seismographic evidence says that the story is yet another attempt by 'Lil Kim' to make himself look like an even bigger jerk than we all know he is.

Check out this video!