Ladies, puzzled at what to get your man for Valentine’s Day? Here's a few practical gift ideas for him that won't break the bank either.

A lot of guys like chocolate so candy will work. Or how about a new travel mug for his coffee in the mornings on the way to work.  A new pair of sunglasses are cool too, or a new set of headphones so he can jam to his favorite Classic Hits on 92.9 The Lake.

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Is he a gamer? There’s a thing called ‘thumbsticks’ that’ll have him thinking of you each time he sits on the couch to play a game.  And here’s one you can both enjoy: a smartphone projector, it’s inexpensive and shines a clear image of your phone’s screen onto the wall.

Believe it or not, most men have at least a hint of romance in them and you can make a small mason jar filled with little notes of your favorite memories with him, that he can take out and read now and then. It will go a long way and may even help him help you out with not leaving his clothes all over the floor, although you don’t actually want to hint at chores with these things, this isn’t the place for ‘honey do’s’ – just call it a “Remember When” jar and reference special times y’all have had together.

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And finally – you can't go wrong with the time-tested traditional gift of cologne.  Any of these ideas are worthwhile as either add-on's to whatever other surprise you have in store for him, or if he's a simple man like me they're all 'stand-alone' worthy.

Happy Valentines Day!