When our story left off, NSA whistle blower Edward Snowden was thinking about taking up Iceland on it's offer for citizenship. Now, Venezuela has waded in on the issue and is offering Snowden asylum. So, if Snowdon decides on Venezuela, they get Snowden and a first round draft pick in the NFL.

In addition to Iceland and Venezuela, there are other garden spots offering Snowden a lifetime vacation trip.

Now, Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega says his country will offer Snowden asylum in his country. Funny how so many countries that jail dissidents are offer a dissident a chance to hide out for being a dissident. That's not a judgement of Snowdon, it's just the fact that he is indeed accused of being an upstart.

Which country will be next? Chad hasn't chimed in on this. I believe the life expectancy for rebels in Chad is about 20 minutes. Of course, no matter which of these wonderful offers Snowden chooses, the problem of transportation remains. No matter how many frequent flyer miles Snowden may have, it's going to take planning that surpasses the D-Day invasion just to get him on a flight.

You see, you can't fly straight from Moscow to ... Well, just about anywhere without a short stopover in a country that has an extradition contract with America.

At this point it takes on all the earmarks of "I-10 is shut down, so you'll have to take Hiway 90 to Vinton then get on Hiway 12 to Beaumont... You get the idea.

Now, Snowden could hop a flight from Moscow to Havana ( another country that treasures freedom) and then go from Havana to Caracas. But wait! Cuba also has an extradition agreement with our country. Yeah, that's about as valuable as Enron stock.

Tune in next time to find out which 4th world country will off our hero/villain a place to live. Columbia and Somalia are rated as two of the most dangerous places to live on earth. Any offers?