Happy to say that all the forecast predictions say that Tropical Storm Erika is not going to be our storm. Let's all hope it stays that way until the end of this hurricane season. Just as Danny did before her, Erika is now moving into an area of weather that is just not conducive for any great strengthening of tropical weather. that's good news for all the islands in her path right now.

For the next few days, Erika should move west-northwestward to the south of a mid-level subtropical ridge however, when the storm nears the end of that ridge, she is expected to take a turn to the northwest and north-northwest which would eventually send the storm system up the eastern side of Florida. It's still uncertain just when the storm may make that turn.

Since the storm is not particularly well organized, a lot will depend upon when, and if, the eye of the storm does become more defined. Right now, forecasters say that there is a good chance that Erika will have some effect on Hispaniola. It's uncertain whether or not the storm will have any effect on the Bahamas.

We'll keep you posted on Erika and let you know if any major changes in that storm should occur. Keep checking with us for all updates on the tropics as we enter the peak season for hurricanes.