Another piece of evidence has turned up in the case of Mickey Shunick.  Over the weekend, a fisherman found what has now been confirmed as the bicycle that Shunick was riding the night she disappeared. Authorities are not certain whether other items found near the bicycle are related to the case or not.  The discovery of the bicycle under Whiskey Bay Bridge has caused investigators to move their center of operations to that area.

According to Lafayette Poloce Public Information Officer, Pat Mouton, "We have set up a perimeter around that particular area which is directly under the bridge and we've processed it for evidence."

Currently the Louisiana State Police and the Department of Wildlife and Fisheries are searching the area on foot, ATV, watercraft and by air trying to find more evidence that would point them in the next direction.

Last week, Lafayette Police released a series of still photographs taken from a security camera near where Shunick was last seen. The center of interest in those pictures was a white pick-up but Lafayette Police say that it is not the vehicle of interest in the case.

"We had the three vehicles of interest that we were looking at" said Mouton.  "We basically wanted to speak to those individuals because they were in the immediate area that Mickey was traveling in" he added.

While all this is going on, the case has also attracted the attention of  authorities in Bloomington, Indiana who say they have a case that is very similar to the Mickey Shunick disappearance.

The case of Lauren Spierer has been ongoing since June 3, 2011. Among those similarities is the presence of a white pick up truck in the area of the disappearances.