Talk about brazen. Talk about nerve. Talk about stupid.

Police haven't yet caught up with the female, but they know who she is.The male part of the duo is behind bars.


Security cameras were clicking away like crazy when Bonnie and Clod decided to rip off a worker at Alexander's Art studio and police had plenty to go on including the HUGE protruding ears of one of the suspects.

Just a note; Brad Mallet is a suspect not convicted in the crime. It could very well be that another guy with giant Dumbo ears pulled the job and flew away.

Here is the official report on the arrest.

On 05-29-14 Brad Mallet was arrested in Iowa Louisiana at 1400 Parish Barn Road by the Calcasieu Parish Sheriffs Office on his outstanding warrant. Mallet had tried to alter his appearance by dying his hair since the commission of the crime.

The female,Melissa Renee Miller is still at large... for now.