UPDATE: November 8, 2013:

According to KATC,

Friday (Nov. 8th) family members of Bethany Arceneaux cheered after she was found alive after two days. The suspect, Scott Thomas, is dead. Bethany Arceneaux is recovering in a Lafayette Hospital. Her two-day ordeal ended at an abandoned home in Duson where she was held at knife point, and stabbed. She was found by family members, who were part of a search party. Police say one of them shot and killed the suspect.

Family members searching near Anderson Road found, both, Bethany Arceneaux and her kidnapper, Scott Thomas, inside an abandoned home. Deputies say when the search party discovered Thomas he began to stab Arceneaux with a knife. And at that point, deputies say one of her family members shot, and killed, Thomas.

According to Police, the person who shot Thomas is fully cooperating with police.

Family members say, given the circumstance, Arceneaux is doing well and her son was even brought to the hospital for a visit.

Police have not pressed charges against that family member who they say shot Thomas, and charges may never be filed. According to state law, homicide can be justified if someone's life is in danger.

November 8, 2013:

According to KATC, Bethany Arceneaux, the kidnapped victim that was taken by her ex-boyfriend, Scott Thomas, on Wednesday evening (Nov 6th) outside their child's daycare, has been found alive and taken to Lafayette General Hospital. 

According to KATC, family members of Bethany Arceneaux say she is alive, and was found inside a vacant home in Duson, on the same street where police found Thomas's abandoned vehicle on Wednesday, 2 hours after the kidnapping.

Arceneaux has been taken to the hospital with unknown injuries. Family members are reportedly responsible for finding Arceneaux. Her family told KATC, she is breathing and talking, and she has an IV because she hasn't eaten in days.

Witnesses also said there was gunfire exchanged with the alleged kidnapper, Scott Thomas, and police. No further report has been released in regards to the standoff.

According to KATC, 'Thomas and Arceneaux have a violent history well documented in police records. Not only did Arceneaux file several reports, documenting alleged abuse by her ex-boyfriend, Scott Thomas, she also filed a restraining order against him.'

Well keep you updated as more unfolds with this story.