The National Hurricane Center continues to monitor an area of weak low pressure over the northern Gulf of Mexico, south of the Louisiana coastline, for possible tropical development.


The hurricane center is now giving this cluster of storms a 20% chance of developing into a tropical system before making landfall.

Shower and thunderstorm activity associated with this weak low pressure area located over the northwestern Gulf of Mexico has increased over the past few hours.

Some additional development is possible before the system moves inland over southern Texas and northern Mexico on Thursday.

An Air Force Reserve Hurricane Hunter is scheduled to fly out into this system later today.

Regardless of development, heavy rain will accompany this system as it moves west-southwest towards the Texas coast, but it is important to stress that this storm is not moving toward SW Louisiana and will not affect our area.

The Gulf of Mexico waters are plenty warm enough to foster tropical development, so it's always important to have a plan of action as to what you would do if a storm were to threaten our area.

It's important to note that the next three weeks will be the time of year when the Atlantic basin sees its peak tropical activity of the season, so as things become a bit more active you need to stay prepared!