Okay, I'll start this one. I meet a ton of people and, even though I did go through that whole Dale Carnegie course, I'm still awful about remembering people's names.

So, how do you handle that situation? Here are few ideas and I've used them all!

1.  Ask them to put their number in your phone.  Oh, yeah. I've done this. Claim you're lousy at entering info into your phone and ask them to enter their number. They will of course attach a name to it.

2. Ask for their email address. This one may not work 100% of the time, but chances are, their name will be in their email address.

3. Introduce them to a friend. I've used this one a million times. It's pretty easy to say to them, 'Have you met my friend, Bob?' 99 times out of a hundred, they'll tell Bob their name. It failed on me once in all these years. I introduced them to a friend and all they said was, 'Glad to meet you.' Yikes! Fall back to another trick.

4. Ask for their business card. I've used this one quite a bit as well. People are usually very happy to hand out their card.

5. Remind them of your name as soon as you see them. This makes you look all humble and nice.  I've never used this one, but I'm always grateful for people who do. Nine times out of 10, they will supply their name in return. the best thing to do in that case is say something like, 'Of course' which gives the impression that you already knew that.

If all else fails, own up to it. If it's someone you only see from time to time, they usually won't be offended. It's always fairly easy to carry on a conversation like you not only know who they are, but they are a long lost friend. Believe me. that's the trick I use the most.

If I run into you on the street and you can't remember my name, I'll recognize all the tricks.