I haven't played golf in a long time. Even back when I played all the time, water hazards always intimidated me and I usually lost a lot of golf balls in those man-made ponds. This water hazard seems to have a little something extra.

We were at Contraband Bayou for the Townsquare Media Golf Tournament and one of our newer employees was very excited because she got to see an alligator out on the course.

This new employee, a transplanted New Yorker, was quite thrilled to get to see an alligator in the wild and she was just telling me about it when I happened to look up and see this six footer walking along next to the water.

I kept getting closer (with much caution) so I could get a good picture, but the alligator was having none of it and slid back into the water.

So, this is my shot of the camera shy critter just outside the clubhouse at Contraband Bayou Gold Course. Beautiful golf course, just be careful near the water hazards.