Everyone knows the cliché "laughter is the best medicine" . . . it's been around since before any of us were born and it'll be around after we're gone.  Well, according to the latest research, it's not true.

At least not in a literal sense -

Researchers at the Universities of Oxford and Birmingham in England have found that laughter is NOT the best medicine.

The study did find some situations where laughter is an important part of the medical process . . . like patients whose conditions improved when clowns went to the hospital.

But they also found a lot of cases where people had suffered from bad asthma attacks, ruptured their hearts, torn their throats, or lost control of their bladder functions because of laughter.

And while those cases aren't likely, the researchers say it's also not likely that laughter will help you.  Basically . . . the odds are, laughter won't have any effect either way.

I reject their research and insert my own reality. I still say that laughter can improve any situation.

So...As part of the experiment, watch this vintage Steven Wright routine-