We all loved the rainfall and cooler weather that followed Lee last week..Seems the mosquitoes loved it to and now they're ready to feed!

I was standing outside talking to some friends last night and noticed that everyone was doing a lot of swatting. Sure enough, this morning our friends at KPLC reported about the swarm!

Calcasieu Parish is experiencing a parish wide mosquito outbreak associated with rainfall from Tropical Storm Lee.

Salt marsh and rice field mosquitoes have moved into residential areas from southern habitats. Mosquito Control aerial and ground treatments will continue daily until mosquito populations are back to normal levels.

Inspectors are responding daily to citizen complaints throughout the parish. Mosquito Control Director Scott Willis, asks residents to be patient during this event. "We expect mosquito populations to remain above normal for the next week."

Many people are outside in the evenings at soccer and football recreation areas.

Residents are encouraged to bring along repellents, space sprays and wear light colored clothing during outdoor activities. Always read the label before using any products for personal or home protection.

Residents wanting to report mosquito problems should call 721-3780.

Inspectors taking landing rates are picking up as many as 75-100 mosquitoes per minute in many locations in Calcasieu Parish.

Salt marsh mosquitoes are aggressive and active both during the day and at night and can migrate up to 20 miles each day.

Many thanks to KPLC!