We've all heard about people who finally just get so fed up that they just walk off the job. It's never a good idea, but if your an inmate trusty and you walk off the job, it's downright illegal. Well, that's exactly what happened this weekend.

It seems that 31-year-old Brandon Scott Guidry was on a job detail at a business on Highway 1256 is Sulphur this past Saturday when he decided to take a very unscheduled break. He also didn't come back to the job after his unscheduled break either.

It didn't take detectives long to find that he was hiding out in an apartment on Clarence Street in Westlake and in short order, Guidry was not only back in custody, but was charged with simple escape. Guidry had been in the slammer since last year for simple burglary.

We assume that he's also no longer a trusty.