One thing you've got to say for tropical weather, it can be very unexpected. While we slept last night, Tropical Storm Julia formed. Obviously, the system will not effect our portion of the nation, but it just shows you how quickly things can develop with these tropical systems.

While the system is not expected to cause a great deal of damage, one side effect of "Julia" will be a lot of rain and that, of course, could lead to some flooding. One reason for the accumulation of water is the fact that Julia is only moving at a rate of about 7 m.p.h. The effects of the rain are expected to last a few days and mostly cause problems along the Florida-Georgia line.

Since the storm was practically over land when it formed, it's not expected to even last out the day today. Forecasters say that, by the end of the day, the storm will degrade and be reclassified as a tropical depression.

In some parts of the affected area, rain accumulations of up to 3 to 6 inches of rain are expected, and some areas could experience rain up to about 10 inches. Most of the heavier rains are expected in the Georgia and South Carolina areas.

We are in the peak of the Hurricane Season now, and we'll keep you posted on 92-9 The Lake.