Tropical Depression Five is now Tropical Storm Dolly. The storms most recent tracking shows it at 22.4 N and 94.4 W and is moving NW at 10 mph. Highest sustained winds are now at 45 mph.

Dolly is expected to make landfall early tomorrow morning along the mainland Mexican coastline, and tropical storm warnings are in effect for Tuxpan to La Pesca, Mexico.

This storm won't really effect mainland USA, but locally our seas will run about 1 foot above normal today and tomorrow off the Cameron coastline.

As we all know, we are now in the peak part of hurricane season. We'll keep you up to date on all developments in the Atlantic and the Gulf of Mexico.

And now a bit of irony for you. the picture in this post is from 2008. That year, Mexico was hit by a tropical storm named 'Dolly'