Jennings police say three suspects have been charged with felony desecration of graves in two weekend incidents of cemetery vandalism. You've seen their pictures now let's get to naming names....

Jennings detectives, Jefferson Davis sheriff's officials, the district attorney's office and the Acadia Sheriff's Office coordinated efforts.  Arrested were Sebastian Abshire, 19, and Dacota Miguez, 17, both of Jennings, and Joselyn Mire, 18, of Evangeline.

Vandals used red and blue spray paint to damage tombs, headstones and the mausoleum at Greenwood Cemetery. The cemetery is located off of La. 97 in Jennings.  "They even broke the windows here at the mausoleum and left footprints on the doors," said Jennings Deputy Chief of Police Danny Semmes.

Semmes added, "My heart goes out to the families who have to come out here and find out that their loved one's grave is damaged."

In nearby Hathaway, family members witnessed a similar scene of vandalism at the Doucet Cemetery off of Grand Marais Road. Vandals at the Doucet location knocked headstones over and scattered many pieces of memorabilia.

The Doucet Cemetery vandalism investigation was to be conducted by officials with the Jeff Davis Sheriff's Department. The Greenwood Cemetery case was being handled by the Jennings Police Department.

"We are asking the public to please help us out. This is a senseless crime. Please put yourself in the shoes of these family members. If you were working at a local store and sold red and blue paint to some people, let us know," pleaded Semmes.

Many thanks to KPLC for their excellent coverage of this story.