Remember going on vacation with the family and stopping to get picture postcards from all the tourist traps?

You'd take your postcard collection home from vacation and show all your friends. They, in turn, would nag their parents to take them there. Unless, of course, the postcards were anything like the ones in this collection.

Let's take a look at (drum roll) BAD POSTCARDS!

1. Let's start in Indiana. Here is a postcard that just makes you want to go there to see a sweeping panorama like the one in the picture.


2. Teenagers can get really attitude-y if you don't take them to a spot where other cool teens doing all the cool teen stuff. Here's a shot sure to have your 17 year old begging you to go there for vacation! Rad! Notice the happiness on these teens faces. Notice they are all looking at the net. Who could not notice that life-like tiger on the fireplace?

3. Of course, where you choose to stay on your vacation is very important. Especially if you're hoping to celebrity watch.

When it comes to watching the rich and famous, you just can't beat Hollywood. too bad this dump is in Hollywood, Florida.

4. Of course, you'll want to take a look at the room before you decide to stay

To be fair, the above picture is quite old. The hotel in question is the Madonna Inn located in San Luis Obispo, California. The Madonna is still there and it's a fantastic hotel. Here is a recent picture:


5. Finally, let's take a side trip to Santa Claus, Indiana This is the perfect postcard for that famous town. Let's face it, nothing says Christmas quite like a picture of George and Martha Washington.

The picture begs the question, "Who is the guy that posed for the likeness of Martha?"

All these images came from :

I was going to look at three or four examples of bad postcards then write about the site. I couldn't stop looking.There are plenty more if you just click on the link above. I'll warn you now, you will not be able to stop looking. Why is bad stuff so fun to see?