Several days ago, we posted the story of what they are doing under what locals call the I-10 curve. Since then, the situation has changed a lot and this won't be an overnight project.

Here are a few things to know if you plan to use Lakeshore Drive to get on the I-10 access road.

Let's start with Lakeshore Drive to the I-10 WB feeder road.

You'll find traffic down to one lane and you'll want to be on the lookout for a flagman.

I went this route twice on Tuesday and both times traffic had to be stopped so that machinery could be moved across the road. Not only that, but my Jeep sure is dirty, isn't it?

Once you you get under I-10 and complete the curve, it's pretty much smooth sailing to the bridge.

If you are coming off I-10 Eastbound, that too is down to one lane. The entrance ramp to I-10 East is open, but the turn to get to the west bound feeder road  (lead picture) is closed, which means you'll have to take the right hand curve and do a U-Turn to get around to the westbound side.

This will be going on for quite some time while they build a new Ryan Street exit ramp.

Coming up next, they'll tear up the other side. Happy motoring!