Every year, Detroit comes out with new features for cars and trucks in an attempt to make driving more exciting! Some ideas are great -- anti-lock brakes, seat warmers, GPS navigation! Some ideas, though ... well, not so much ...

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    Pre-Filled Ashtrays

    Because Smoking Makes You Look Soooo Cool

    I have a friend who buys a new car every year ... and yet, this is a picture of his ashtray. You wouldn't want to ride with him.

    Conrad Tillson
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    Manual-Option Windshield Wipers

    If You Want A Job Done Right, Do It Yourself

    Tired of changing out wiper-blade refills? Perhaps a Quickie-Mart squeegee is the option for you!

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    Intermittent Steering

    It's Like Russian Roulette With A Three-Ton Piece Of Steel...

    Watch the "Russian Roulette" segment from the movie "The Deer Hunter." It will explain a lot about Christopher Walken.

    Wisconsin Hiway Patrol
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    Dashboard Hibachi

    Well, The Steak Was Nice and Tender, But the Tea tasted A Little Rusty

    I still say that, other than a few design flaws (see picture) this has some merit. The computer voice could say, "The door is ajar ... and it's time to turn the burgers"

    Getty Images
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    Ceiling Fans!

    For Some Reason, It Still Sounds Like A Good Idea!

    This idea has merit, as well. Let's face it -- there are days where you don't need heat or A/C, but a little breeze would be nice. Then again, maybe it would help air out the car with the Pre-Filled Ashtrays!

    GagShop USA