Good news! this isn't going to rhyme.

Valentine's Day is a time to appreciate people that mean a lot to us. So, here is a short Valentine of "thanks" to you.


We appreciate the fact that, despite there are so many other choices on the dial, you listen to us.

Thanks for letting us into your homes, your workplace and your cars.

Thanks for trusting that we will always be family friendly. We won't betray that trust.

Thanks for being so loyal to us, not just by listening, but by coming out and supporting 92-9 The Lake when we hosts special events.

Thanks for the nice complements when we meet you out in public.

I guess just about every time I get up in front of a group of our listeners, I always remark that we have the greatest listeners in the world. That's not a public relations line. We think of our station and our listeners as sort of a club.We're proud to have you as members of that club.

So, thanks again for listening to 92-9 The Lake. We've enjoyed a very successful year and it's ALL because of you!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Gary and Heather

David Morgan

Don Rivers

Dick Bartley

Casey Kasem