Car buying can be the most exciting and simultaneously most stressful experience a person can have.  Deciding between the high dollar latest models filled with every kind of car gadget they can cram in a dashboard or whether to look for a reasonably priced dependable used car can only add to the dilemma.  So what's a girl to do?

In my humble, yet frugal opinion, there are many great reasons for choosing the used over the new.  Believe me, I've had both.   I appreciate the thrill of the new car smell, the head-turning glances of envy and the extremely low milage the comes with the brand spanking new car.  Then two years later finding out that i have negative equity in my fancy sports car brought a different kind of tear to the eyes. But now having a little more experience under my safety belt I always go with the slightly used version for a number of reasons. There are a couple of things to keep in mind when looking for a great used car.

1) Set a comfortable budget in advance.  By doing this it makes one more aware of the cost (personally knowing I could feed the kids and drive a good car at the same time is more in line with my maternal instincts).

2)Pick an ideal, yet, workable model for your family. Con you need a truck to haul things around, are you moving next year, do you have too many kids to put in a small truck or do you need a SUV?

3) Test drive a few of that specific vehicle.  Don't be tempted by other models when you   already know it's purpose in your lifestyle.

4) Visit your favorite, trusted mechanic to make sure he doesn't see any issues you can't see under that hood.

5) Put on your negotiating face and be ready to walk away.  Often, the seller thinks his car is more valuable because his second born was delivered in the back seat by the postman.

6) Write the check for the vehicle and don't look back.  And forget about worrying about that scary negative equity and the depreciating value of your really good, no one else really cares cause it's your life, used vehicle.