Let's start with a definition:

Merriam Webster defines a nova as:

Nova: (noun) a star that suddenly increases its light output tremendously and then fades away to its former obscurity in a few months or years \

There you have a perfect adjective for Three Dog Night.They came along in the late 60's and shone brightly for 5 years, but they soon exploded under their own weight.

Of all the groups that no longer speak to each other, Three Dog Night just may have one of the acrimonious break-ups ever. The cause of the break-up is probably only known by the various members of the group, but two contributing factors are drugs and egos.

Three Dog Night (TDN) was pretty much the brain child of founding member, Danny Hutton. Give a listen to Hutton's solo release from 1965; Four years before the formation of Three Dog Night. Hutton sings all the parts on this record and it sounds just like TDN!

Four years later, Hutton teamed with Cory Wells and Chuck Negron and became the first rock band to feature three lead singers. the picture was completed when they found the original back up band comprised of Michael Allsup, Floyd Sneed, Joe Schermie, and Jimmy Greenspoon .

Their eponymously titled first album rendered their first big hit with a song written by the late Harry Nilsson. The song, 'One', went to #5 in the Spring of 1969 and the fuse was lit. Over the next 5 years, the group hit the Top 10, 10 more times and had three of those hits go to #1 on the Billboard charts. Seven of their hits sold over a million copies.

Along with riches and fame came excess. I guess it depends on whose version of the story you like, but from all accounts, Chuck Negron's inability to kick heroin had a lot to do with the break up of the group. Negron's behavior became so erratic that his band mates decided it was time to fire Negron from the outfit.


Negron has been more than honest about his decline and even wrote a book entitled "Three Dog Nightmare" about the years just before the demise of TDN.

Negron, in addition to touring , is also a very vocal anti drug motivational speaker. the guy has been there/done that and is more than happy to share his story of recovery.

Danny Hutton and Cory Wells also continue to tour the world with some of the members of the original back up band.The band has played in the Lake Charles several times over the years.

A few years ago, the group added a new dimension to their sound when they did a series of shows back up by a full orchestra. I thought you might enjoy seeing a great video of the guys performing their 1969 hit 'Eli's Coming' with a full orchestra.

The bass player singing those super high parts is Danny Hutton's son!