Hard to believe there is only one crab festival in SWLA, isn't it? Then again, who would want to compete with the Arts and Humanities Council on this great event?

Over the year, the festival has grown to gigantic proportions.

Here's everything about the festival including how to get tickets:



This year, Arts & Crabs Fest – SWLA’s only crab and art festival – will deliver a new and improved experience of SWLA’s culture, food, music, and art. For a $25 wristband, festival goers can access an extensive crab and beer tasting which will feature fifteen restaurants each offering a crab dish that is representative of their cuisine’s styles and personalities. Typical dishes will include crab cakes and crab au gratin to crab ceviche and crab gazpacho. Each crab dish will be paired with a complementary Louisiana craft beer sample which will include brews that are not often seen in restaurants. Similar to a wine pairing, each Louisiana beer will complement each dish’s unique flavors and textures.

Live music, local art displays, and interactive cultural activities will also accompany the event. As a “Top 20 Event in the Southeast” by the Southeast Tourism Society, Arts & Crabs Fest is quickly becoming a signature event for Southwest Louisiana and is consistently a sell-out.

A limited number of $25 wristbands will be sold which are available now at artsandcrabsfest.eventbrite.com.