Authorities had high hopes for the latest search for the remains of the former labor leader, Jimmy Hoffa, but once again all the 'promising new leads' turned up nada. The dig has now officially been halted.

The leads were intriguing; A person who would seem to be in the know about such things had offered up his memories of how his father and other 'connected' figures hit Hoffa with a shovel and buried him alive in an abandoned barn in Michigan.

Two days of digging turned up some concrete slabs and pretty much nothing else. The FBI expressed disappointment that the search was not fruitful. Robert Foley, head of the FBI in Detroit had previously stated that he did want to be able to close the case and give some measure of closure to Hoffa's family and friends.

Skeptics and critics have been very vocal about the continuing search for the remains of Hoffa wondering why all the fess over finding the body of a man who was suspected of criminal activity. The FBI is quick to point out that, while Hoffa may or may not have been part of criminal activity, his murder was still a crime.

Other critics have faulted the FBI for digging because they got a positive response from a K-9. the critics are upset that time was spent digging for what may have been an animal body. Great logic at work there. How does one know without digging it up?

Some people are never going to be happy with anything any law enforcement agency does. Good thing for them it's still not illegal to be stupid.