Here’s a look at some interesting events that took place on this day in history:

1170 – Thomas Becket, Archbishop of Canterbury, is assassinated inside Canterbury Cathedral by knights acting on the orders of King Henry II (More info)

1851 – The first YMCA in the US opens in Boston, Massachusetts (More info)

1890 – In the tragic final chapter of America’s long war against the Plains Indians, the US Cavalry kills 146 Sioux Indians at Wounded Knee, South Dakota (More info)

1937 – The Irish Free State is replaced by a new state called Ireland with the adoption of a new constitution (More info)

1940 – London suffers its most devastating air raid when Germans firebomb the city, killing almost 200 civilians (More info)


It's also National Yodel In The Shower Day, Tick Tock Day..time to do all the things you wanted to in 2011

And it's Texas Admission Day..became our 28th state in 1845