Here’s a look at some interesting events that took place on this day in history:

1620 – William Bradford and the Mayflower Pilgrims land on what is now known as Plymouth Rock in Plymouth, Massachusetts (More info)

1898 – Pierre and Marie Curie discover radium (More info)

1913 – Arthur Wynne’s “word-cross,” the first crossword puzzle, is published in the New York World (More info)

1937 – ‘Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs,’ the world’s first full-length animated feature, premieres at the Carthay Circle Theater (More info)

1988 – A bomb explodes on board Pan Am flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland, killing 270 people (More info)


It's Humbug Day, and to counter it, Look At The Bright Side Day, and if you're wondering what's for dinner, it's also National French Fried Shrimp several, they're small!