I always took lunch to school when I was a kid, mainly because it was too far to walk back and forth...our school did not have a cafeteria. A school in North Carolina was really thinking outside the lunch box when they took away the food one four-year-old student brought from home and gave her chicken nuggets instead!  As part of a new policy aimed at getting kids to eat healthier, school officials now inspect students’ lunches, replacing them with cafeteria meals if they don’t meet nutrition standards.  Apparently the preschooler’s lunch of a turkey sandwich, a banana, apple juice and chips wasn’t up to par because it didn’t include milk or a vegetable.  So instead of giving her a carton of milk and some carrots, they swapped her brown-bagged lunch with a cafeteria meal, of which she only ate the chicken nuggets.  The child’s mother was outraged- but the kid was probably happy.