I’ve never followed politics all that much over the years, but, for some reason, I’ve become a political junkie. If I’m home, I’m invariably watching the news for all the latest from this year’s patch of presidential hopefuls. My doctor says it’s not good for my blood pressure, but I can’t help it. It’s the best free entertainment I’ve ever seen.

The old Reagan saying about not trashing fellow Republicans has been thrown out of the window with the baby, the bathwater and what is left of the dignity of politics. That’s not to say that politicians have dignity, but at least they used to fake it pretty good. If you say you’ve never been duped by a single politician I submit that you’re a lying liar who lies.

We all know why this election cycle is so entertaining and topsy-turvey, don’t we? It’s all the anger on both sides of the isle. Both parties are pretty ticked off, not just at each other, but at politics as a whole. That would account for the support we’ve seen given to Bernie Sanders and it certainly applies to one Donald Trump. Now, there’s an angry man.

All the insanity of this presidential election year can be traced straight to Donald Trump. Go directly to jail, do not pass go, do not collect $200. I don’t have to tell you about the controversy or the acrimonious charges leveled by both sides against the party leader in this merry chase to the White House. The whole thing has me shifting my support between the candidates like Stephen King goes through typing paper.

I’m neither for nor against Donald Trump. I like some of the things he proposes and, I must confess, I like his angry blustery, just say what’s on your mind attitude. We need that in a leader. Reagan was notorious for speaking his mind, but he did it with such panache. I’m afraid Trump is more like a carnival barker than a politician. I have to admit that he does get his point across even though, lately, that point seems to move from time to time. His supporters all say that he vacillates so much because he’s “growing as a candidate.” I call it pandering. That’s just my opinion, but I do have a major concern.

Donald Trump is truly The Wizard of Oz. His supporters are flocking to him to solve all their problems and he, being the Great Oz, is promising to handle those problems and many more. What I’m afraid of is that, If we elect The Wizard of Oz as president, the man who takes office just might be the man behind the curtain.