Beer lovers rejoice! There is  new beer on the market and they say it's stronger even than tequila.

The Beer, marketed by BrewMeister is called 'Snake Venom. Here's the stats

Beer, especially craft brews and non major brands are finally getting their just respect.

the world of beer is more complex and varied than any other drink and there are so many great beers out there that have nothing to do with football advertising.

Among those beers is a little thing called 'Snake Venom' and it does pack a potent bite!

A brewery in Scotland called Brewmeister just set a new record for the WORLD'S STRONGEST BEER.  It's called Snake Venom, and it's 67.5% alcohol . . . or 135 PROOF.

That means it's more than 10 TIMES more alcoholic than regular beer . . . and stronger than pretty much any vodka, whiskey, or tequila.  It's just slightly less potent than 151-proof rum, or some bathtub moonshine.

The beer comes in bottles that are a little over nine ounces . . . but even nine ounces of this stuff is equivalent to more than six regular beers.  The only problem is, one bottle costs $81 plus $23 in shipping from Scotland.

The previous record for the world's strongest beer was also by Brewmeister . . . it was called Armageddon and was a mere 65% alcohol.