We all remember the scene in Toy Story involving the claw machine. Of course, in the movie, the kid wins a great prize. Let's talk a bit about the reality of those claw machines. If you've ever played one, you know how frustrating they can be. You spot the prize you want and zero in on it. You drop the claw down and it actually seems to grab your prize, but then, at the last moment, your skill goes out the window and you drop your treasure. What did you do wrong? Well, the answer is probably nothing at all.

I hate to burst anyone's bubble, but Claw Machines are not games of skill. Yeah, we all know some Billy Bob who always wins a prize when he plays, but trust me, it's just sheer luck. The truth of the matter is that those Claw Machines are rigged. Yep, they're preset to only allow so many wins per try.

Here's a great video that exposes the Claw Machines for what they are and that, my friends is basically legalized gambling. Next time you see a Claw Machine, you'll look at it through different eyes.