Well, we finally have our Christmas tree up, and for the first time in about 10 years, it's lit.  You may not think that's such a big deal, but we have cats. Seven to be exact, and the last time we put lights on the tree, well, a few decided they might like to see how they taste. Not wanting to see any of our furry friends zapped, we've often decided to forego the lights.  Over the years, the cats have climbed  in it and we would find ornaments and sometimes branches strewn across the living room floor as they partied while we slept. Ginger has made most of the ornaments over the years as she's great with a crochet hook.  No glass ornaments, though, with cats and ceramic tile floors.

The cats haven't messed it with it too much now that they're older; although Pokey, the cat who's on my shoulder on my Facebook page -- and yes, he has a brother named Hokey -- keeps eating the needles ... and we, of course, get to clean up the mess.

We'll enjoy the tree the rest of the week, but it'll be down before the New Year.