Back in 2005, I was in the process of enjoying my first movie role and the entire process was a blast. The movie was called "Mercy" and it was about a man who had served time in prison for a murder. I played the main character and his name, at least behind the scenes was , 'John Mercy."

As I mentioned, the who process was a lot of fun, but I was particularly excited that several scenes from the movie were to be shot at the Beauregard Parish Jail. I had wanted to take a look inside that spooky old building for years and I was going to get a chance to explore the whole place.

I will tell you right now that the interior of the building is just as spooky as the outside. It's stark and dark, if you will. In the old cells and common areas, there is graffiti that dates back to who knows when and there is a somber atmosphere to the whole place.

One of the spookiest places in the building is the tunnel that runs from the jail to the courthouse. yeah, there's an actual underground walkway from the jail to the courthouse and it isn't just a straight walk over, there are curves and turns and dark places in that tunnel and you can't help but think about prisoners who might have taken their last walk down that dank corridor.

Hillary Gayle

The other spooky area is the very strange staircase that leads up to the "hanging floor." I have no idea if the story is true, but legend has it that prisoners were hanged at the top of this staircase. The whole place really looks like something Tim Burton would design.

Hillary Gayle

The old cells were pretty spooky to as they are just dark and spartan as they can be. As I sat in the cell waiting to film my scene, I couldn't help but think about what kind of people might have occupied that cell back in the day. Of course, one's imagination runs wild and I could imagine the most desperate characters making that cell home. For all I know it was occupied by the DeRidder version of Otis Campbell.

Hillary Gayle

The good news about the Beauregard Jail is that works are underway to preserve the jail and courthouse and it would be a shame indeed to lose either of those great structures. I fact, Beauregard Parish officials report that the courthouse should be completed by February or March of next year.

As for the jail, residents could be having some fun there come Halloween time. Parish officials hope the repair work will be finished by then.

Right now, the floor is being repaired. Several other repairs are being done to make the facility safer. The jail will also get new windows.

Great news! I can't wait to go back and see the place when it's finished. WE had a blast filming in that wonderful old building. I swear it's haunted!