The Simpson's 500th Episode will be coming up shortly and die-hard fans in Los Angeles will get the ultimate Simpsons overload!  Participants will watch every single episode of the landmark cartoon feature in one (over several days) sitting.

The butt numbing marathon will start at 5:30 PM on Wednesday, and won’t stop watching until the animated sitcom airs at its regular time on Sunday.

According to Buzz Feed:

So far 238 Simpson fanatics have committed to the event on Facebook. Of course some of them just may be coming for the free doughnuts and the chance to meet cast members at the party that kicks the marathon off, and have no real intention of completing what amounts to more than 96 straight hours of TV watching.

If, by some miracle, anyone stays awake for the whole thing....they will be a $10,00 richer couch potato!

[via BuzzFeed]