Here in the deep south a lot of our social life centers around the church. Within the church family there is a lot of love. It's just like a family and so sometimes it is slightly dysfunctional. Sometimes there are strange under currents that you may not see on the surface. Here is such a story.



I was at a friend of mine's last night and she told me about a raffle at her church. They are selling $10 raffle tickets for a chance to win $10,000. She then went on tom tell me that second prize is $3,500. I was thinking I'll buy a ticket. I play the lottery and my odds here are much better. I also feel like it's good to give money to God; but I found out that is not her motive at all.

You see ... the person who sells the most raffle tickets wins use of the prime parking spot at the church. No where in the ten commandments does it say "thou shalt no covet thy fellow parishioner's parking spot."  My friend's heart is in the right place because she wants the parking spot for her mom. That's nice but the plot thickens from there.

This is a Catholic church so they have several masses over the weekend. Before my friend has even officially won "the parking spot" her friends and other family members are trying to connive their way into "the parking spot" at the masses her mom does not attend. It's funny how something as small as a parking lot can cause such a fuss.

There hasn't been this much of a fuss at the church since everybody ate Aunt Pookey's accidentally fermented fig preserves. This whole story is true (except for the figs part) and reminds me of the following Ray Stevens video.