It's about time to pick out that Thanksgiving turkey and, of course, the marketing on the part of people who sell such things is in full swing. Of course, everyone has the best turkeys and want you to buy from them, but there are a few marketing gimmicks you should know about before you go out and spend money on a "special" turkey.

According to an article in The Detroit News, there are a couple of advertising ploys used to get you to think that certain companies are somehow more humane before they lop off the birds head and pluck out all it's feathers. Here are two ways they try and convince you that you should buy a politically correct turkey.

HORMONE FREE - Wow, that's great because I've read about all those products that contain growth hormones and I sure don't want to get exposed to that. Well, don't you believe it. It's illegal to give turkeys hormones in the U.S. I don't think the folks at Butterball are going to risk being put out of business by breaking that law.

YOUNG TURKEYS- They're all young turkeys. They don't let them age on a turkey farm, so no one is out there selling older turkeys. Part of being a turkey on a turkey farm is dying young. Sorry to be so graphic.

CAGE - FREE - As with the other two marketing ploys, all turkeys are cage free. yes, there are some animals that are caged for their entire lives, but turkeys are not one of them. That's just not how they raise turkeys.

When you see any of those "benefits" on a turkey package, move on. It's just a way to make you feel good about the turkey you're buying and, of course, get you to pay a little more as well.

Pass the dressing.