The man who brought rock and roll into our homes has died at the age 0f 82. He started out as a local DJ in Philly and in a few short years what was a local TV show became an iconic TV show called "American Bandstand". Clark never looked back from that point on and at one point, and for many years, was as ubiquitous as Ryan Seacrest is today.  His rise to fame was meteoric to say the least. His impact on TV and popular music is immeasurable.Clark died this morning in California of a massive heart attack. As you may know, Clark has been in failing health for several years following a massive stroke back in 2004. Ever the trouper, Clark made appearances on his  "New Year's Rockin' Eve" despite barely being able to speak. He appeared with Ryan Seacrest who, would be the person to fill those very large shoes.

Clark, despite the mild mannered public image, was a maverick in his day. He brought the new music of Rock and Roll into homes all across America back when it was a touchy subject. He could be a star maker as well and there are a great many stars of the early days who owe their success and fame to Dick Clark.

When Clark was asked about the success of "American Bandstand", Clark replied, "It's simple, I play the music and the kids dance". that sums it up. He was a pioneer and he will be missed.

RIP Dick Clark "The World's Oldest Teenager"