There is about to be a new bike on the market. It was invented by a man in Israel by the name of Izhar Gafni . The bike only weighs in at 20 pounds and the cost of upkeep is very nominal. You won't believe the price! You also won't believe what it is made of!

An Israeli man has developed a bike that weighs much less than an average bike and requires no maintenance, won’t rust or come loose and can be replaced at a small cost. It’s made of cardboard. Izhar Gafni created a bicycle made completely of recycled parts. The entire frame is built out of expertly folded cardboard, timing belts for vehicles and other recycled parts. The wheels and tires don’t need adjusted or pumped up because they too are made from cardboard treated with special chemicals and substances that make it waterproof and stable. People used to make fun of Gafni’s throw-away bicycle, but now he’s getting an influx of inquires and demands for the bicycles. Gafni says they will start production, but he can’t give too much information because of pending patents. The bike could cost around $20 to purchase and materials for the bike fall around $9 per unit.