The original TV show,  "Candid Camera" was from a different era. Alan Funt was the creator and host of the show and there was a simple premise; hide a camera, put ordinary people in unusual situations and film their reactions.

The "pranks" were innocent and harmless. But, the concept of "Candid Camera" has changed...A LOT!

We have a great clip from the original show, followed by a very elaborate, very scary version of the original concept.

Let's start with a clip from "Candid Camera" from the early 60's. Alan Funt, explains the premise and the cameras roll.

Interesting. Would you have obeyed the light?

Now, let's check out how involved the idea has become.

Here's the setup:

It looks like any other elevator. But, this elevator has been rigged to have a fake power outage. The lights flash on and off a couple of times, then the lights go out completely. While the lights are out, a little girl, a very spooky little girl,  enters the elevator by a trap door. We can see what's going on thanks to infra red cameras. The passenger, however, doesn't see a thing until the lights come back on.

How would you react to this...