Just a few years ago, Ty Michael Carter was just another kid growing up in Spokane, Washington. Today, he will receive the highest award our nation can bestow on a solider; The 'Medal of Honor.'

Since 1863, of the millions of brave men and women who have answered the call of our country, there have been only 3,481 Medal of Honor recipients.

Ty Michael Carter's actions in Afghanistan were the stuff of fiction, but in his case, they were real. He is also a reluctant and modest hero.


Back in 2009, Carter and his fellow soldiers were engaged in a  firefight in Afghanistan at Command Outpost Keating. The outpost was in a remote valley surrounded by steep mountains.

Carter says that being fired upon by the Taliban was a daily occurrence but on one day in particular, "It was as if somebody kicked an ant hill," he says. "The bullets, the rockets, the mortars, everything, a wall of spikes — they're pointing at you."

The rest of the story reads like something our of the story of 'Sgt. York.' Despite all the chaos and danger, Carter continued to fight, resupplied ammo and rendered first aid to his fellow soldiers.

In an interview with PBS reporter Doreen McCallister, Carter said:

"Even though this award is an awesome honor and a great privilege, in order to get such a prestigious award, you have to be in a situation where your soldiers, your family, your brothers, are suffering and dying around you. And then, you just did everything you could to save lives or prevent further loss."

Carter will be the fifth living recipient to be awarded the Medal of Honor for actions in Iraq or Afghanistan.

The U.S. Army has posted a complete account of S-Sgt. Carter's actions. It's an amazing story. HERE

To all our service people: We can't thank you enough for your sacrifice. You're all true heroes.