Last night, Randy calls and asks me to cook some hard boiled eggs, but not to peel them, because he has bought this revolutionary kitchen tool: The EGGstractor.  Being the good wife, I agree to play along with this.

So I boil 6 eggs and wait for him to get home.  We open the Eggstractor and follow all of their pages and pages of instructions.  Egg #1--blew out the yolk, but the white stayed in the shell.  Egg #2--Exploded (and left most of the white in the shell).  Egg #3--blew off the bottom of the shell.  Eggs #4-6--well, you get the idea.

I thought that maybe we were just EGGceptionaly inept at following the EGGcellent instructions for the EGGstractor and that a professional would do a better job...but no. Check out this video review by an experienced EGGstractor operator.  Final thought:  Don't waste your money, just learn to peel eggs yourself.