Turns out that not everyone loves The Eagles. I'm pretty sure we can count Vernett Bader among those that may not be too crazy about them.

Just look at her. If she told you to do something, wouldn't you jump to accomplish the deed?

Well, her roommate didn't and things got real ugly (not a reference to the picture..well, not much of one) real fast.

On Monday night, Vernett Bader, 54, apparently told her roommate, an unidentified 64-year-old man, to turn off the Eagles music he was listening to with his brother. When the roommate responded with "shut up," Vernett went to the kitchen, got a knife, and swung it at him.

The roommate and his brother managed to get the knife away from her, but she just went and grabbed another one. This time, she stabbed the roomie with the steely knife, but she didn't kill him, leaving him instead with "wounds to his arm, hand and elbow."

Bader admits stabbing him, but says he was trying to choke her at the time. She's been charged with "criminal domestic violence of a high and aggravated nature," and as of early this morning, was at the Charleston County jail pending a bond hearing.

Unsurprisingly, police say all three parties involved in the altercation were intoxicated at the time.