Judging from the reaction of Rock fans and musicians alike, Ray Mansarek was a much liked, much respected musician.

One musician in particular, John Densmore, the Doors drummer, was very moved despite the erstwhile feuding between the surviving members over the past few years.

Here is part of Densmore's reaction from an official statement:

"There was no keyboard player on the planet more appropriate to support Jim Morrison's words," Densmore told Twitter followers after the news of Manzarek's death broke. "Ray, I felt totally in sync with you musically. It was like we were of one mind, holding down the foundation for Robby and Jim to float on top of. I will miss my musical brother."

At heart of most of the feuding was Densmore's reaction to Manzarek and Robbie Kreiger going on the road with a replacement for Morrison. The latest issue involved the licensing of Doors songs for use in commercials. Densmore was strongly against both moves.

Even with the continuing arguments, Densmore and Manzarek remained on pretty friendly terms and even spoke of a musical reunion which, sadly, is now impossible.

Hundreds of musicians from all parts of the world held Manzarek in high regard. Still, the music lives on.